• What is the status of the foreclosure. I can’t seem to find any more information on it. I still keep receiving bills for water availability of my lot. It doesn’t make sense to send or pay these if the property is foreclosed. I am not going to pay it.. What are the status of property lots within Melrose, is there a way we can unload them?? Possibly back to the State of South Carolina?
    I would appreciate any information and guidance you can give out.
    Thank you

    • Lawrence – Your POA does not comment on issues involving legal proceedings to which it is not a party. You can check on the status of any ongoing foreclosure by visiting the Beaufort County web site (www.bcgov.net) and then clicking on the Master-in-Equity tab under the departments sector.

  • Not a very helpful reply. I do think for our PoA fees we ought to be able to get some information in plain English on the status of the Resort and what this means for property owners.

    • Martin – The Resort has now gone from foreclosure into bankruptcy. These actions cover only resort assets, and do not directly involve the Utility company or any lots that are within the Melrose POA jurisdiction. Until the bankruptcy process has run its course, no one can state what will happen with the resort assets. In the meantime, Melrose homeowners continue to live in their homes, and lot owners are still able to build on their lots subject to ARB approval.

  • 9/24/18 – What’s the short version of what is going on down there? We visited a few years ago and thought seriously about buying property. It’s a wonderful place and such a shame! Thanks

    • The recent bankruptcy ended with the resort assets awarded to a subsidiary of the primary lender. It is the desire of the entity to now sell the resort as a way to recover their original investment, and the resort property is for sale. In the mean time, the resort owner has signed a lease with a third party for the beach club. The beach club pool re-opened a month ago, and the restaurant will re-open shortly. Jack’s clubhouse was recently torn down as part of a program to remove condemned structures. The golf course and inn remained closed, with no plans to re-open under current ownership.

  • Is there any other updates at this time regarding the status of this community? Any offers on the resort? I agree, such a shame. I have tried to research and read as much as I can on this island, but info is limited. I believe I read someone from Hilton head was interested in buying quite a chunk of the island and putting in a grocery store/pharmacy and subdivision for low income folks that may work on Hilton head. Have not been able to find any updates on this as well. Keep coming back to property search here but not sure it’s a great place to invest at this point . Was looking to spend winter months there and rent out for the summers. I’m trying to get my husband on board- at least a trip down to check it out

    • The Melrose community is actually a collection of multiple Property Owners Associations, along with the Resort. The POA’s are active, including the single family homesites, the cottages, Easter Beach villas, and Oceanfront Residence Club. Some of the Resort assets, including the Beach Club and the Equestrian Center, have been rented to third parties that have re-opened those facilities. The entirety of the Resort assets are currently for sale, and the Resort owner has not provided any updates as to how that effort is progressing. The other transaction that you referred to, regarding a “chunk of the island” fell through a while ago. Despite that, the island’s population is growing as more people fall in love with the island and perceive it to be a great value.

  • Thomas Heinisch
    July 1, 2019 at 11:19 pm  / Reply

    Can I buy an old property on the beach front ?

    • I would suggest a simple Google search for Daufuskie Island Real Estate. There are a number of realtors on Daufuskie Island, and a search of their websites will reveal what properties may be for sale.

  • Michaelgelsomine
    December 14, 2019 at 9:21 pm  / Reply

    So are Pos/ Hoa fees currently collected in
    If I buy a house or lot in Melrose I would be responsible to the county for tax’s and water ?
    Would I be responsible for any fees to the holding company at this time

    • The Melrose POA is active, maintaining the MPOA property (which is separate from the resort property). Dues are billed and collected annual for the operation of the MPOA. Property owners are responsible for their own property taxes, as well as any utilities. If you were to purchase a property that currently owes money to the MPOA or to the utility company, those balances should be paid by the current owner upon closing.

  • I’m looking to purchase land and build on the island, one of the parcels is within the Melrose golf course. What are the annual POAs?
    Thank you

  • I’m considering purchasing land in the island. What, if any restrictions does the MPOA have regarding architectural style?

    • This website includes a page that highlights the process of building in Melrose. There is an Architectural Review Board that will review all proposed home construction plans to ensure that they are consistent with the ARB guidelines. Please refer to this information for further clarification.

  • Do you have any updates on Melrose properties since the Spring? Have lots and homes been selling during the pandemic? It looks as though some amenities are open part-time? Thanks.

    • While I would refer you to any of the real estate professionals who focus on Daufuskie for a definitive answer, my understanding is that this has been a busy year for real estate sales, both lots and homes, as people see the wisdom of living on a bridgeless island. As for amenities within Melrose, the Beach Club and the Equestrian Center have been rented to operators who are currently providing services at those locations.

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