• What is the status of the foreclosure. I can’t seem to find any more information on it. I still keep receiving bills for water availability of my lot. It doesn’t make sense to send or pay these if the property is foreclosed. I am not going to pay it.. What are the status of property lots within Melrose, is there a way we can unload them?? Possibly back to the State of South Carolina?
    I would appreciate any information and guidance you can give out.
    Thank you

    • Lawrence – Your POA does not comment on issues involving legal proceedings to which it is not a party. You can check on the status of any ongoing foreclosure by visiting the Beaufort County web site (www.bcgov.net) and then clicking on the Master-in-Equity tab under the departments sector.

  • Not a very helpful reply. I do think for our PoA fees we ought to be able to get some information in plain English on the status of the Resort and what this means for property owners.

    • Martin – The Resort has now gone from foreclosure into bankruptcy. These actions cover only resort assets, and do not directly involve the Utility company or any lots that are within the Melrose POA jurisdiction. Until the bankruptcy process has run its course, no one can state what will happen with the resort assets. In the meantime, Melrose homeowners continue to live in their homes, and lot owners are still able to build on their lots subject to ARB approval.

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